Host Country

The 36th annual conference of the Association of Educational Assessment in Africa (AEAA) will be held in Maseru, Lesotho from the 6th–10th August, 2018. Resting 1000 metres above sea level, Lesotho, known as the Mountain Kingdom, holds a wealth of different experiences for visitors. It is famous for its spectacular scenic beauty, branded by breathtaking mountain ranges, towering peaks, a rich variety of fauna and flora, surging waterfalls, a diverse culture and a snow blanket seen on the mountains across the country in winter. The mountains are the source of Lesotho’s crystal clear water, which also waters green pastures for livestock. Mountains, products of volcanic activity are also a rich source of minerals such as diamonds amongst others.

Lesotho is a country in Southern Africa. Known as the Kingdom in the Sky because of its lofty altitude — it has the highest lowest point of any country in the world (1400m) and is the only country to be entirely above 1000m! Lesotho is totally surrounded by South Africa and is a fantastic adventure holiday destination.


The Kingdom of Lesotho was formed through the pursuit of peace, and this peaceful nature still exists in the Basotho. They are a friendly and welcoming people and do not have the aggressive history some of the peoples of neighbouring countries have.


Lesotho has 300 days of sunshine. The rainy season extends from October to April in which Lesotho gets 70mm of rainfall, mostly during severe thunderstorms. Extensive snow falls are possible in winter but may occur in any month on the high mountains. Night time temperatures go below freezing in winter (May — September)- and houses do not feature central heating, so bring a jacket.


Independence Day (4th October) celebrates the day that Lesotho achieved independence from the British Empire. Moshoeshoe Day (11th March) celebrates the life of the founding father of the country. In Maseru, the procession goes from the Palace all the way to the Sotho Stadium, and involves many people dressed up in Lesotho's vibrant and colourful traditional dress — usually comprising blankets and sticks and if you're lucky, the cat hat! Women involved in the parade will be carrying huge bundles of sticks, as they traditionally would do, whilst the men will either be doing traditional dances, riding horses, or herding bulls along the road! At the stadium, after the procession has arrived, there are military and police parades, which aren't nearly so enjoyable.

The Examinations Council of Lesotho

The Examinations Council of Lesotho (ECoL) is found right in the heart of Maseru City. It has been administering examinations on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) at national level since 1961. In 2003 its mandate was further developed to include assessment of the performance of the education system and to support instruction in schools through the provision of continuous assessment materials.

ECoL will be hosting the AEAA annual conference for the first time in 2018.


A leading assessment institute committed to providing quality services, maintaining high professional educational standards, and upholding integrity in the execution of its primary responsibility of providing qualifications at basic and secondary education levels that are internationally recognized.


To develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a qualitative, fair and reliable education assessment system for basic and secondary education and to issue qualifications that address educational needs of school leavers that enjoy international credibility.