Semonkong, meaning “Place of Smoke”, is where we find Maletsunyane falls. The Maletsunyane falls is one of the highest single drop waterfall in Southern Hemisphere, with a flow of water dropping at 192m. The site holds a Guinness World Record for the highest commercially – run abseil in the world. The road to Semonkong is quite spectacular as you climb into the Thaba Putsoa Mountain range. The village around presents a true reflection of the Basotho cultural lifestyle, and is renowned for its abundance of horses. Delegates will experience horse riding, which is the main form of transport in many remote villages. There is also abseiling, which the delegates will have an option to pay extra $100 to indulge in. N.B. The temperatures can drop below 0° Celsius in August, please bring warm clothing to enjoy the activities organised for you.
TOUR 2 Thaba Bosiu Mountain, Cultural Village and Metolong Dam
Thaba Bosiu, meaning “The Mountain at Night”, is located about 24 kilometers east of the capital city, Maseru. This sandstone plateau in Lesotho is known to be the place from where the kingdom of Lesotho was founded. Legend tells that this mountain, which is not very high during the daytime, usually elevates during the night. This is why King Moshoeshoe I used it as the fortress. On the foothills of this mountain, is the beautiful Basotho cultural village; an initiative that seeks to showcase Sesotho culture. As part of the tour, delegates will be treated to a visit to the Metolong dam. N.B. Please bring along hiking gear.
TOUR 3 City Tour
A tour of main attractions and shopping in Maseru